1 Bag (10 - 12 oz)
1 Bag (10 - 12 oz)

1 Bag (10 - 12 oz)

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Order Summary:

Embark on Your Personal Coffee Odyssey with Bright Bean Surprise Coffee!

Customize your journey into the world of exceptional coffee with Bright Bean Surprise Coffee! Whether you're choosing between whole bean or ground, specifying your preferred roast intensity (light to medium, medium to dark, or letting us "Surprise Me"), and opting for regular or decaf, our single bag per shipment promises a carefully curated experience of exquisite coffee. Select your preferred delivery frequency – one-time, every 4 weeks, or every 2 weeks – and anticipate surprises in every cup.

As you delve into your personalized coffee adventure, imagine traversing the diverse coffee terrains of the United States through our United Beans of America Coffee Subscription. Monthly, we meticulously curate an exclusive selection of handpicked coffee beans from exceptional small coffee shops scattered across the country. Bid farewell to the mundane and embrace the extraordinary flavors waiting to be discovered in every cup.

What Awaits You:

  • Discover Local Gems: Immerse yourself in the rich coffee culture of America as we transport you to hidden gems in cities and towns from coast to coast. From the vibrant streets of Brooklyn to the tranquil landscapes of Oregon, our subscription is your passport to the unique and authentic flavors that define each region.

  • Limited Edition Blends: Our passionate team traverses the country in search of limited edition and exclusive coffee blends meticulously crafted by dedicated local roasters. Each delivery is a delightful surprise, granting you the opportunity to savor rare and meticulously curated coffees that showcase the artistry of small-batch roasting.

  • Support Small Businesses: By subscribing to our service, you're not just savoring exceptional coffee; you're also championing the livelihoods of small coffee shops and roasters. We believe in the power of community and the distinct stories that each cup of coffee narrates.

  • Brewing Notes and Stories: With your carefully packaged coffee, you'll receive brewing notes and stories about the roasters and the communities behind each batch. Immerse yourself in the narratives of passionate coffee artisans who infuse their heart and soul into every roast.

Indulge in a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary. Join our United Beans of America Coffee Subscription and relish the taste of genuine American coffee craftsmanship, one cup at a time. Your next coffee adventure beckons—subscribe today and let the journey commence!

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