Hey there! I'm Andrew, founder of Bright Bean, and I'm fueled by my love for coffee and supporting small businesses.

Small coffee shops are truly the heartbeat of the coffee world. Unlike big chains, many focus on quality and sustainability over profits. Yet, too often, these local gems go unnoticed. That's where Bright Bean steps in.

With the help of my coffee-loving friends, I've scoured the US, tasting different coffees and meeting the incredible people who craft them. We've carefully selected the very best for Bright Bean, prioritizing quality and supporting fair trade and environmental practices.

Our coffees come from all corners of the world, including rare locations like Yemen, Vietnam, and Congo. And to ensure every sip is a fresh delight, each batch is roasted to order. No stale beans here!

I'd love to take you on a Coffee Trip across the US! Join us and savour some of the finest coffees in the country while supporting small businesses. So, grab a cup, join the adventure, and let's make a difference together, one sip at a time!